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Couple Says Suburban Moving Company Tried to Triple Price of Service After Loading Truck in Kansas

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Imagine moving half way across the country, only to start living in an empty home with none of your furniture in sight.  Now, couple is speaking out after their dispute with a suburban Chicago-based moving company.

Eber and Bianca Beck recently relocated from Kansas City, Kansas to Ithaca, New York for Eber’s new job.  They said they hired a broker, who gave them a price for the job.  The broker, in turn, lined up the Becks with a moving crew based in Carol Stream.

Everything seemed fine, but the Becks said the movers demanded more money after loading the truck in Kansas.  They said it was regarding the size of the job.

“I don’t think that’s fair.  We had a deal for a certain amount and now they are asking for three times what we agreed to pay,” said Eber Beck.

Rather than pay the huge new expense, Eber drove back to Kansas and said he paid about $800 to access a warehouse with their belongings.  He said a police officer accompanied him and friends helped load the Ebers’ personal items on to a rental truck.

The person who answered the phone at American Home Relocation, the mover with a Carol Stream address, declined to comment.

The Better Business Bureau told NBC 5 complaints against movers are on the rise, but said consumers can take steps to protect themselves.

“You need to deal with a moving company directly.  Get a quote from them, an in-person quote, where they actually come to your house and review everything and have a solid, ironclad contract,” said Steve Bernas, President & CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois.

Meanwhile, the Becks said they are speaking out to help others.

“If you ever hire a broker, please ask them for a list of the companies that they work for and make sure that you check each one of them,” said Bianca Beck.  “Just don’t let them choose a company for you unless you know the name of the company.”

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