Bystander Has Amazing Reaction to Proposal at Art Institute of Chicago, Gets Invited to Their Wedding

When Jess Rodriguez asked Chelsea Miller to marry her in a grand gesture at the Art Institute of Chicago, the two could not have been more excited. But it was the reaction of a nearby stranger that has everyone talking about their proposal.

Rodriguez told her now fiancée the pair were going to a gala at the museum, but once they arrive, she revealed that was a ruse, Miller wrote in a YouTube video documenting the proposal.

“Her friends were in on it holding a sign that said ‘Chelsea Miller, Will You Marry Me?’’ Miller said.

In the video, the pair appears ecstatic, and there is no footage of the shocked woman witnessing the touching moment happening right before her.

But Rodriguez’s brother posted a photo of the engagement from a balcony at the museum by photographer Ed Sanchez Perry, capturing the woman’s heartfelt reaction.

“My sister proposed to her GF today and look at that older woman’s reaction,” he wrote.

The tweet has since been liked more than 340,000 times and retweeted 113,000 times. The YouTube video of the proposal has also been viewed more than 760,000 times.

Rodriguez later tweeted that the couple had found the woman in the photo.

“She sent her best wishes to us,” Rodriguez wrote. “And Chelsea invited her to the wedding. We will keep her updated.”

The pair has set their date for June 2018.

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