Could Bears' Failure to Lure a Super Bowl Be Blessing in Disguise?

Free golf courses, police escorts highlight list of demands league makes of host cities

The Chicago Bears have insisted they aren't looking to host a Super Bowl in the Windy City, and after looking at the NFL's list of demands for the game, that could be a good thing.

According to a list published by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune from the city’s bid to host Super Bowl LII, the league makes a slew of demands that go beyond just free tickets for dignitaries and a suite for the commissioner.

Here are a few examples:

-Reservations for four golf courses, three of which will be used for the NFL Foundation Golf classic, and one that’s used for an NFL Network golf event. Green and cart fees must be waived or provided for free to the NFL.

-Two high-quality bowling alleys, which will be used for the Super Bowl Celebrity Bowling Classic.

-Portable cell phone towers must be erected at the team hotel and at the stadium if signal strength isn’t strong enough.

-The league must be allowed to install ATMs that accept NFL preferred credit and debit cards, and officials must remove those ATMs that conflict with those cards.

-Police escorts for team owners.

The one thing that all of these demands have in common? They must all be done at no cost to the NFL. The league also demands that all local, county, and state taxes be waived for the organization throughout their stay in the host city.

This list of demands may sound steep (because it is), but at least there is some tangible economic benefit to hosting the Super Bowl. Hundreds of thousands of people do come to the city hosting the game, and there’s a reason that cities are lining up to host the event. If it were a money loser, then there’d be no demand for it.

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