Click It Or Risk a Ticket

State Police stake out toll booths for seat belt law violators

There are many advantages to having an iPass on Illinois tollroads, not the least of which is that iPass holders pay less.

Additionally, as the Daily Herald reported Monday, going through those old toll booths can get pricey. 

A Chicago man driving through the Meyers Road toll plaza along I-88 recently found his trip through the gates to be considerably more expensive than usual after Illinois State Police Tropper Dave Dickson spotted him without his seat belt buckled.

Terrance Little was stopping to pay the toll when Dickson stepped out from behind a toll booth and cited Little for breaking the state's seat belt law.

Little claims he had unhooked his belt to dig for change, but Dickson said the temporary liberation was a safety hazard, and Little was given a $55 ticket. 

A toll booth stakeout proved profitable for State Police during the recent observation of the statewide "Click It or Ticket" campaign. 

This year's campaign, which The Daily Herald said ran from May 15 to May 31, resulted in 1,301 seat belt citations. You do the math.

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