Blago Defense Threatens to Call in SCOTUS

The Rod Blagojevich defense team wants the trial's start date delayed beyond June 3rd -- and they vowed Tuesday to petition the Supreme Court to have the date moved.

Blagojevich's attorneys want the trial delayed so that the nation's high court can rule on the honest services fraud law, which is the basis for several -- but not all -- of the charges against the former governor.

The defense already filed a motion to delay with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Friday, essentially going over federal judge James B. Zagel's head just weeks before he's going to preside over the trial.

Prosecutors called the motion ridiculous.

The Supreme Court won't finish ruling on the honest services law until the end of June.

Blago's threat to appeal to SCOTUS comes just weeks after a move to ask POTUS to show up in court as a witness for the defense. That one didn't go their way.

If the move to petition the Supreme Court also fails, Blagojevich's attorneys may simply end up angering the one man -- Judge Zagel -- who sits in judgement over Blagojevich's future.

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