Residents Forced to Vacate West Side Building to Receive Up to $1,000 in Moving Costs

Residents of 32-unit building on Kedvale Ave. near Roosevelt Rd. last week got an order from the city to vacate after officials deemed it a fire hazard

Some of the residents forced to move out of a decrepit apartment building on the city's far west side will be receiving up to $1,000 to help with moving costs in a deal between the city and the bank that owns the building.

Those who can prove they paid rent in 2012 to live in the building, at 1204 S. Kedvale, will receive $1,000 from the bank. Others will receive $250.

"It's a workable resolution," said resident Keesha Wilkins. "The whole situation is regrettable."

Residents of the 32-unit building last week got an order from the city to vacate the property. Not having any place to go, residents complained they'd be out on the street.

"I was hurt. I was crying. I was so hurt that I had to go in the hospital," said Edith Rogers.

City officials eventually relented, giving residents an additional week. With Tuesday's monetary agreement, all residents will have until Thursday morning to vacate.

The building is desperate need of repair. The city said the bank that acquired the building in foreclosure was not sufficiently maintaining it, and residents complained of rats, roaches and bed bugs.

"It's very bad. You had holes in the walls [and] fire breaches," said Judy Frydland, the Acting Deputy Corporation Counsel for the city. "You had missing fire extinguishers. You had smoke detectors that were out of service."

Tuesday's deal, finalized in a morning court hearing, was negotiated by a representative from Rep. Danny Davis' office. By the afternoon hours it appeared that all residents had new housing lined up.

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