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North Side Home Invasions Prompt Community Alert



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    At least two homes on West Barry Avenue have been broken into in the last week.

    A series of home invasions during the late night and early morning hours prompted Chicago police on Thursday to issue a community alert to residents from the Near North Side to Uptown.

    Neighbors on the 1400 block of West Barry Avenue said having one violent home invasion in the area would be highly unusual.  But to have two in less than a week is unheard of.

    "My thought was when the first thing happened, that it was an isolated incident and they wouldn't return, but in fact, they did return six days later within a few doors down from us," said Karlie Calvert, who lives across the street from the first home that was burglarized last Friday.

    Police said an intruder broke into the home and attacked two people inside. The homeowner was able to fight off the intruder and was only slightly injured.

    Another attack occurred Thursday morning when two or three men armed with guns entered through the window of a home one block to the east, sources told NBC Chicago. Once inside, they tied up three men and a woman with an electrical cord.

    "[They] tied the people up at gunpoint, the three guys that were in there, and cleaned the place out," said Alan Slate, the building's landlord.

    The robbers got away after stealing TVs, laptop computers and cell phones.

    Slate said he's already purchased iron bars that he'll be putting on the windows Friday.  He spent Thursday afternoon changing all the locks.

    "We've had petty crimes: thefts, bikes gone, things like that. There's always things happening in the alley, but nothing where people have invaded homes, where people are actually at home, with guns," said Calvert.

    Police haven't specifically said whether they believe the two attacks are connected.

    In a community alert notice for the Near North, Belmont and Town Hall police districts, authorities suggested that residents:

    • Secure all windows and doors of your residence.
    • Know your neighbors.
    • Notify anyone who is not aware of the break-ins so that you and your neighbors will be safe.
    • Be watchful of anyone who does not belong in or around your building.
    • Call 911 to report any suspicious activity or vehicles in the area.