Chicago's Grassy Street Fest Returns for 4/20

Chicago is taking its "4/20" celebrations to a higher level.

The city is set to host the second annual Waldos Forever Fest Saturday on the North Side, offering up live music, plenty of food, education and "fun for cannabis lovers."

The free event is slated to take place outside Dispensary33 in the Andersonville neighborhood, with headlining acts Big Freedia, Tatiana Hazel, Air Credits and more. And yes, there will also be a "munchie food truck court."

According to festival organizers, the name comes from the origins of the so-called stoner holiday, which they say began with a group of “Waldos,” or four high schoolers who regularly hung out by a wall and "embarked on a failed treasure hunt for an abandoned cannabis plant."

"The Waldos set their meeting time for the hunt at 4:20, a random time in the sunny afternoon, but little did they know they would forever change the culture of cannabis," organizers wrote on the event’s page.

Potheads have for decades celebrated their love of marijuana on April 20, but the once counter-culture celebration that was all about getting stoned is now so mainstream Corporate America is starting to embrace it

For those still looking to joint in on the festivities Saturday, medical cannabis can be purchased inside Dispensary33 throughout the event for registered Illinois medical cannabis patients, organizers said. But, to be blunt about it, they added that "public consumption is illegal in Chicago, including at this festival."

If you're still hashing out your weekend plans, this grassy street fest should satisfy your cravings.

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