Chicago Family Forced Out of Apartment Due to “Bee Invasion”

A Chicago family says they are being forced out of their University Park apartment because of a bee infestation.

“The bees are right here in the wall,” said Tracey Pugh, who has lived in her Maple Leaf Apartments building for about a year. “The beekeeper or pest control that came, they actually felt the wall and said they can actually feel them vibrating in the wall.”

Pugh said plastic was placed over her windows and air-conditioning units to keep the bees out of the apartment, but that hasn’t stopped them.

“Oh my God, it’s been a horrible experience,” she said. “They’re coming in one, two, three at a time. Imagine trying to go to sleep and bees are coming into your room.”

Pugh says she and her two daughters have been sleeping in a back bedroom while they search for a new place to live.

A spokesperson for the building’s management said they offered the family another unit or to be released from their lease. The company also said it has waived Pugh’s balance with them, but Pugh must move out before they can release her from the lease.

“I just want it all to be over soon,” said Pugh’s daughter Erin Pugh. “I wouldn’t want to live in these conditions ever again.” 

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