Why Entrepreneurs Should Stop Trying to Control Things


The Webster's Dictionary defines “control” as "having power over." I, like many entrepreneurs starting out, had this illusion. I believed that by being my own boss I could control my hours, my income and my lifestyle and those thoughts were enticing. However, very soon I learned that this was not the case. Failure hit me. Like a freight train traveling 100 miles per hour.

Immediately, I was placed in a negative mindset and I started to frantically question what was wrong with me. Was I not smart? Did I not have enough credentials? Did I not present myself well? Was I not experienced enough? On and on, days and weeks passed as I continued to question myself muddling through the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship.

As the stress mounted, it took a mental and physical toll on me. I knew something had to change. I became more introspective and eventually concluded that the problem was not with me but with my mindset -- the illusion of "control." I wanted to feel in control of my own life and success but I could not control the outside circumstances. My success was not tied up in the ability to control my own hours and generation of income; I had to let go of these thoughts. I had to go back and re-evaluate why I wanted to become an entrepreneur. What was that gut-driving force?

The answer: The belief that no one but me could do what I do better. The love and passion one has trumps any hardships. Control was just an illusion. I could not control other people’s actions or circumstances. No one can. We are not in control of the bumps in the road and the outcomes. We are however, in control of how we respond to those bumps. If we allow negativity to enter into the equation, it will affect our entire being -- how we think, act and feel. Once you let go of the notion of "control" it lifts the stress and worry. Freeing you and your mind to concentrate on the positive can inadvertently change the way you carry yourself. More importantly, it revitalizes that passion and love one has for their field ultimately leading to your own personal success.

And that’s something no one can take away.

Monika Witek provides business, intellectual property, forensic and fraud litigation and business valuation services to attorneys and their clients. Her focus is on providing damage, lost profits and valuation calculations related to commercial and intellectual property litigation.

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