Chicago Bulls Unveil New Uniforms for 2017-18 Season

Earlier this summer, it was announced that the NBA would be getting rid of “home” and “away” jerseys, and in keeping with that new directive, the Chicago Bulls announced a major change in the uniforms they will wear at the United Center this season.

On Wednesday morning, the Bulls revealed their new “Icon” and “Association” uniforms, which are part of the new rollout of league uniforms designed by Nike. Along with the reveal, the Bulls also announced that instead of wearing their white jerseys at home, as they have for many years, they will be wearing their red “Icon” jerseys instead:

The white jerseys are now the team’s “Association” uniform, which they will wear primarily on the road:

According to the NBA, the league will reveal two more types of jerseys later this summer, and teams will also have a “Classic” variant that they will be able to wear starting in the 2017-18 season.

The league revealed earlier this summer that the home team will be able to choose which jersey they wear on a given night, and their opponent will have to wear a jersey of a contrasting color. 

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