Bulls Negotiate Naming Rights for New Practice Facility

The Bulls new practice digs will be built across the street from the United Center

new bulls practice facility
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Now that the Chicago Bulls have officially announced their intention to build a new practice facility across the street from the United Center, the next order of business seems to be what to call it.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the team is negotiating a naming rights deal for the new facility and Derrick Rose’s sneaker endorser, adidas, could figure prominently.

During the Bulls' recent “Circus Trip” that took them out to the West Coast, Michael Reinsdorf, the team’s president and chief operating officer, met with representatives from the sneaker giant along with other members of the Bulls' front office staff during the team’s stop in Portland, Ore.

This, of course, is not a done deal, as the Bulls are believed to be negotiating with other companies as well, but if a deal is struck with the shoe company, the new building could be called The Adidas Center.

The team's current practice facility is named after Sheri Berto, a long-time assistant to Jerry Reinsdorf who passed away in 1991 after complications due to surgery. But Michael Reinsdorf has stated that no matter what name goes on the outside of the building, the Bulls still have every intention of honoring Berto's memory at the new facility with either a plaque or a small bust.

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