Cheeseheads Love Their Brats

Madison's Brat Fest broke last year's record by 9 percent

Don't think that it's just the cheese that keeps Wisconsinites so happy.  They also love their brats.

In fact, the World's Largest Brat Fest in Madison was a record-breaker this weekend, with participants downing more than 208,000 of the savory sausages in four days.

That was many links above last year's total of 192,000, an increase of almost 9 percent.

Tim Metcalfe is the owner of Metcalfe Sentry Foods and organizer of this year's event. He thinks more people came out because of the nice weather, and because the sour economy kept people in town for the long weekend.

He estimates the festival raised more than $100,000 for the dozens of nonprofit organizations and charities that helped staff the event.

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