Cannabis in Illinois

Can You Fly With Weed After Recreational Cannabis Becomes Legal in Illinois?

The mayor’s office warned that “federal law prohibits cannabis possession in any amount,” which could affect travelers

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One question facing many in Illinois as recreational cannabis becomes legal in the state is can you travel with it?

The answer to that question is yes, but at your own risk.

The Chicago Police Department posted a video with “things you should know” as recreational cannabis is legalized Jan. 1.

According to Chicago Police Commander William Mullane with the airport law enforcement seciont, cannabis detected by TSA during travel is allowed if it’s in compliance with state rules, but travelers will need to consider where they’re going.

“We are encouraging all travelers not to bring cannabis through Chicago’s airports as it still remains illegal under federal law,” Mullane said Friday.

If cannabis is detected by Transportation Security Administration personnel, they would then contact Chicago police and officers would respond.

"Our officers are not looking for cannabis as they go through security, but if they should come across it, we are going to contact Chicago PD to make a final determination on disposition," said Louis Traverzo, deputy federal security director for TSA.

If a traveler is of age and carrying a legal amount, they can choose whether or not to continue carrying it.

“If it’s not a violation, we would offer them proper disposal, if they wish, or they could continue on with their travels,” Mullane said, adding that CPD cannot require someone to dispose of it if it is legal.

"We would explain to them that under federal law, it is still a violation and that based on where they are going to it may be a violation there," he added. "No different if they are flying into Chicago with product.  If they are legal, they are legal."

The mayor’s office also warned that “federal law prohibits cannabis possession in any amount,” which could affect travelers.

“Transportation of any amount of cannabis remains illegal across state lines, and possession of cannabis may be illegal in the state or country to which you are traveling,” a statement from the Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office read.

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