Blago: I Told Ya So

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich has a message for the people of Illinois: I told you so.

Blagojevich released a statement Friday attacking his replacement's plan to propose an income tax increase.

"This is exactly what I said was going to happen. It is unconscionable that the new governor, Pat Quinn, wants to raise the income tax by 50 percent especially at a time when people are hurting and the economy is in shambles," Blago said.

Blagojevich pointed out that before he was removed from office, he predicted Quinn would raise taxes. He said Quinn took just six weeks to support an increase that Blagojevich spent six years opposing.

Quinn confirmed Friday that he plans to seek a tax increase, but he hasn't offered details.

Illinois lawmakers kicked Blagojevich out of office in January for mismanagement and allegations that he tried to sell a U.S. Senate seat.

At the time, Blagojevich claimed his ouster was part of a plot to get him out of the way so officials could raise taxes.

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