Black Lives Matter Signs Removed From Outside Evanston Church

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One week after a Black Lives Matter sign outside Evanston's Northminster Presbyterian Church was vandalized, the church was attacked once again.

Several, small Black Lives Matter signs in front of the church were removed sometime Sunday.

One week earlier, the word "Black" was cut out of a larger banner on its property.

The church and neighborhood responded by putting up even more signs and adding the word "Black" into the banner again.

Rev. Michael Kirby, the church's senior pastor, said the actions are proof that people need to be engaging in a bigger conversation.

Michael Nabors, president of the Evanston/North Shore NAACP, is working to help by connecting people from different congregations to find solutions and ways to out racism in Evanston.

"Being an Evanstonian, we are just not going to have it," he said. "It's not going to continue in our community."

The church has ordered 10 new banners to replaced its damage one and to give away to Evanston's other places of worship.

"Obviously we are concerned about a criminal act, but it’s much more important we get to the heart of the issue," Kirby said.

The church filed a police report, and the incidents remained under investigation Sunday night.

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