Bensenville Takes Family's Popular Halloween Display to Town Center

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One Chicago-area family's Halloween display became so popular that the Village of Bensenville brought it to the city's town center.

The "Wilkes Family Halloween Display," which recreates classic Hollywood horror movie sets, is now in the center of suburban Bensenville, allowing for easier ways to scare residents.

"We needed help from the Village to direct traffic and make sure everything stayed safe," said display creator Chris Wilkes. "It was actually a mutual meeting like 'hey do you need our help?' and I was like 'yes, definitely we do' and that's kinda where the relationship started."

The Wilkes family has been giving residents a fright, complete with a light display and hired actors, since 2016 when they started the display on a residential street.

This October marks the first year that the iconic neighborhood display is available to the public along Center Street.

The event is free each night through Halloween, with both Friday and Saturday featuring "jump scares" -- when the actors lurk around corners to pop out and spook guests.

Last weekend was the first that the display was open in Bensenville and the village said surrounding bars and restaurants saw a "huge spike" in sales.

"And I love all Halloween displays, but when you can bring it to life, that's the key," Wilkes said.

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