Bensenville Police, Public Works Employees Rescue Ducklings

Police and public works employees in Bensenville got their Mother’s Day celebrations going a little bit early as they helped reunite a mother duck with her ducklings in a remarkable rescue.

The reunion occurred on Thursday afternoon in Bensenville when office workers noticed a duck loudly quacking and flying back and forth over a sewer lid. Police officers and public works staff responded to the scene, where they found nine ducklings trapped in the storm sewer line, according to a release issued by the city.

Fortunately for the ducklings and their mother, the story ends up having a happy ending. Public Works employee Ted Wronkiewicz pried the lid off the sewer drain, and Bensenville Police Officer Alison Valois climbed into the drain to lift the ducks up to safety.

All nine ducklings were reunited with their mother, and they scurried off into a grassy area nearby after the rescue effort was completed. 

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