Chicago Bears

Bears Fans Rank Among Top ‘Booziest' Fans, Survey Shows

Bears fans are averaging 4.5 drinks per game and spending around $58

Close-up of three people drinking cold beer

The National Football League has a huge fan base -- many of whom appear to also be fans of another thing: beer. 

Chicago Bears fans ranked fourth as the “booziest” fans, averaging 4.5 drinks per game and spending around $58, according to SportsHandle. 

SportsHandle surveyed over 2,000 football fans around the country to determine which fans drink the most. The top five were: 

  1. Cincinnati Bengals
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Buffalo Bills
  4. Chicago Bears 
  5. Carolina Panthers 

Bears fans also ranked fourth for being the biggest pregamers with 72% of their fans saying they drink before the game. 

They also ranked ninth for being the biggest lightweight drinkers as 55% of fans admitted to missing some or all of the game because they drank too much. 

Get the full list of NFL fan rankings here.

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