As Jeffrey Dahmer Series Airs on Netflix, Here's What to Know About His Chicago Victims


One of America's most prolific serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer admitted to murdering 17 boys and men from 1978 to 1991. A new 10-episode Netflix series, "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," strives to answer the question of how Dahmer was able to evade police for so long.

Dahmer's reign of terror stretched beyond Wisconsin - to Ohio, where he killed at least one of his victims, and Chicago, where Dahmer met two other men and lured them to Wisconsin. Furthermore, two additional victims were Chicago natives who died at the hands of the prolific serial killer in his Milwaukee apartment.

Here's what to know about Dahmer's four victims with Chicago ties:

Ernest Miller

A busboy in a downtown Chicago hotel, Ernest Miller went to visit relatives in Milwaukee on Labor Day weekend of 1990. In front of a bookstore, the 23-year-old met Dahmer, who offered him money to return to his apartment, according to a 1991 article from the Washington Post. Once at the apartment, the two had sex, then Dahmer drugged Miller and cut his throat, killing him, the article stated.

Matt Turner

Dahmer traveled to Chicago's Pride Parade in the summer of 1991 where he met Matt Turner, who was 20 years old. Once at a bus station, Dahmer offered Turner money to go with him to Milwaukee and pose for nude photographs, the Post reported. While at Dahmer's apartment, Turner was drugged by the serial killer, strangled with a strap and dismembered. Turner died on June 30, 1991.

Jeremiah Weinberger

Days after Turner's killing, Dahmer again traveled to Chicago, where he met Jeremiah Weinberger at a gay bar. As was the case with Turner, Dahmer also offered Weinberger, 23, money to go with him to Milwaukee and pose for nude pictures, according to a 1991 article from UPI. Upon arriving in Milwaukee, Weinberger stayed with Dahmer for two days. On the first day, the two engaged in oral sex, according to the archives. The next day, Weinberger indicated he wanted to leave, but Dahmer wanted him to stay.

Then, Dahmer gave the 23-year-old a drink with a "sleeping potion in it," strangled him and dismembered his body, court documents revealed.

Oliver Lacy

Originally from Chicago, Oliver Lacy was 24 years old in July of 1991 when he met Dahmer on a street corner in Milwaukee. There, Dahmer invited Lacy to his apartment to pose for photos. Once at the apartment, both men removed their clothing and gave body rubs, UPI reported. Dahmer later gave Lacy a drugged drink that knocked him out before killing him.

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