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Art-In-Place Initiative Invites Artists to Display Exhibits Outside Homes

One local artist's installation is an abstract form of a coronavirus molecule

A new public art initiative allows artists from around the world to feature their installations outside their homes for the public to appreciate while following the stay-at-home orders.

Art-In-Place is a collaboration between CNL Projects and Terrain Exhibitions. Between May 20 and June 20, more than 200 exhibits are expected to be installed in the Chicago-area, spokesperson Cortney Lederer said.

"This collective action provides artists and community members in Chicagoland neighborhoods (and beyond) with a sense of hope and connectivity through the experience of public art," according to Lederer.

Each installation and its location can be found on CNL Projects website.

"While artists are mostly local, in Chicago and the neighboring suburbs—I have folks from British Columbia, Canada, India, and Germany as well," Lederer said.

Artist Claire Helen Ashley's installation is an inflatable piece with flags on each window located at 125 S. Ridgeland Ave., in Oak Park. The inflatable form is an abstract form of a coronavirus molecule, Ashley said.

"I was thinking about early science fiction movies like 'The Blob' or 'Attack of the Monsters' from the 1950s and 60s where humanities dread and fear of death manifests itself in alien form," according to the artist's note on the initiative website.

Collectors will have the option to purchase a set of postcards showcasing a collection of every participating artist.

Organizers ask that with each sale of an artwork, that the artist donate 20 percent to the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund which, directly supports local Illinois artists. All proceeds from postcards sales will also support this fund.

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