James Neveau

Rizzo, Bryant Star in New ‘Bryzzo' Outtakes Video

As part of their "Bryzzo" advertising campaign, they've tortured intern David Ross, and they've had to deal with Kyle Schwarber attempting to co-opt Employee of the Month honors, but Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo's new video might be the best of the bunch.

The video, which debuted on MLB's social media channels on Wednesday, features the duo in a series of outtake videos from their shoots, and all the regular players are there, including Javier Baez, Eddie Vedder, and Ross. 

Here is the new video: 

Previous videos in the series showed Vedder coming up with his jingle for the "Bryzzo" company, Ross trying to get orders right as the group's intern, and Schwarber trying to put up his own picture on the "Employee of the Month" wall. 

Although 'Office Space' fans will be disappointed that Baez and Rizzo didn't pick up on Bryant's TPS reports reference, and although Ross still can't figure out what kind of scone or muffi Bryant ordered, it's still an absolutely hilarious video, and one that Cubs fans will definitely enjoy. 

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