No Buyers for Dollar Bill Buildings

Historic structures offered for a dollar but no takers

You know the economy's got to be bad when you can't even sell a building for a dollar.

Earlier this month, Mount Prospect offered a pair of historic downtown buildings for $1 each. Seriously. One dollar.

The only catch was that the buildings were a "to go" order only; whoever bought them had to move them off the property.

A few people expressed an interest in the bargain, and a couple potential buyers took tours. Unfortunately, none of the inquiries panned out, so the village will have to demolish the historic structures as they redevelop the area.

One of the buildings was built before 1900 and was once the home of John Meyn, the town's first blacksmith. The other property housed Mount Prospect's first barbershop.

In their place, the city plans to build a $40 million town center, which would include over 100 condominiums and over 30,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

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