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Man Accused of Lying About 'Sex Party'

Her husband alleged he'd been taken hostage, but it turned out to be a ruse



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    An Orland Park man was arrested last week for allegedly lying to police about hiring two people for a sex party with his unsuspecting wife.

    Geries Fakhoury, 32, of the 9400 block of John Humphrey Drive, was arrested with Thomas C. “Chris” Chatham, 35, and Shina Tousant, 49, both of the 1200 block of South Tripp Street in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported.

    Fakhoury allegedly paid Chatham and Tousant $400 each to participate.

    Fakhoury didn't tell his wife, though. So she was a little confused when she woke up one night to find her husband and another man standing in their underwear by the bed. Her husband said he'd been taken hostage and wanted her to go downstairs.

    She didn't move, and he wouldn't let her call police. Turns out Fakhoury might have concocted the ruse -- he said Chatham and Tousant took him hostage outside his home, forced him inside and demanded money before getting him to take drugs and strip down -- to get her to join the party.

    Chatham and Tousant took Fakhoury’s wallet, his car keys, the garage door opener and the $800. Fakhoury then allowed his wife to call police.