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    Trustee Politics
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    The suspense is killing us.

    Gov. Pat Quinn is expected to name five new University of Illinois trustees today.

    Normally this would be a ho-hum affair.

    But Quinn is anything but ho-hum these days.

    Ham-handed, bumbling and inept, yes, but also at the height of his political cynicism.

    Result? This short-list of who might get the nod to steer the U of I - and the governor's career - into the future.

    1. Five more Kennedys.

    2. Five more African Americans.

    3. Five Daleys.

    4. Jordan, Ditka, Buerhle, Cutler, DeRosa.

    5. Todd Stroger and the four Cook County Commissioners who helped him beat back the sales tax repeal.

    6. Jon & Kate Plus Three.

    7. Wilco.

    8. The executive council of the Illinios Teamsters' education wing.

    9. Don & Roma, Eric & Kathy, Blago

    10. The first five people who promise not to threaten to sue him at any time in their tenure.

    Use the comments section below to suggest a few of your own nominees.

    Steve Rhodes is the proprietor ofThe Beachwood Reporter, a Chicago-centric news and culture review.