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Alderman Pushes for 'Prostitution Free Zones'

Convicted prostitutes would be banned from parks and walkways



    Alderman Pushes for 'Prostitution Free Zones'

    Streetwalkers beware.

    A Chicago alderman wants to limit access to the roads prostitutes tread.

    Ald. Jason Ervin (28th) proposed creating "prostitution free zones" where convicted prostitutes would be banned from parks and walkways, the Sun-Times reports.

    The West Side alderman said his constituents are tired of seeing dirty condoms in front of their homes. "I don't want my community to look like that," he said. "This gives police another tool." 

    The police superintendent would seek opinions from elected officials and community groups before assigning the "prostitution free zones."

    Ervin, who was elected in February after being appointed by Mayor Daley to replace Ed Smith, compared his proposal to Chicago's anti-gang loitering ban that outlaws gang members from gathering in certain areas.