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Oprah Declares Today No Phone Zone Day

Oprah uses her star power to declare the first National No Phone Zone Day



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    Have you signed Oprah’s No Phone Zone pledge?

    Oprah is spearheading a movement to make cars cell-phone-free zones to end distracted driving by launching the first "National No Phone Zone Day" today. According the Oprah Winfrey Show Facebook page, a total of 229,260 people have signed the pledge.

    The talk show host has high hopes for the new campaign, and with her star power it may become the next hottest trend, and even made into law.

    “My biggest hope for the No Phone Zone campaign is that it becomes mandatory that no one uses their phone in the car or texts while driving — just as seat belts are mandatory, just as driving while drunk is considered absolutely taboo,” Ms. Winfrey said in a statement, reported The New York Times. “I’m hoping that this becomes not just law, but second nature for all of us.”

    The governor of Michigan is supporting Oprah’s campaign in full force.

    Jennifer M. Granholm appeared on Oprah’s live show Friday to sign a bill that bans texting while driving in her state. Illinois passed a similar law in January.

    Rallies are scheduled to take place in major cities to support the No Phone Zone campaign in Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington.

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