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Obama Hopes For White Sox vs. Nationals World Series



    Obama Hopes For White Sox vs. Nationals World Series
    President Barack Obama has been known to don a White Sox Cap now and again.

    President Barack Obama exercised his sports diplomacy while campaigning in Virginia.

    "#Obama in Virginia hoping for white sox nationals world series," tweeted Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet with a picture of Obama at the podium.

    It was not reported whether the Commander in Chief picked who he thought would win, but Sox fans could take and educated guess considering Obama’s track record with supporting MLB teams.

    During a trip to Boston over the summer, the President learned the importance of sports diplomacy when he thanked the Red Sox for trading Kevin Youkilis. It is still unclear whether the Boston fans were yelling "Yook" or "boo," after he made the comment.

    In the spring, First Lady Michelle Obama proclaimed her allegiance to the Cubs and confessed the Obama's are a house divided during the Cross Town Classics.

    The White Sox are holding on to first place in the American League Central Division, despite a loss to Kansas City on Thursday.

    Meanwhile, the Washington Nationals also have the first place position in their division, but they have 10 more wins than the Sox under their belt.

    Friday night the White Sox face off against the Los Angeles Angeles in Anaheim.