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Oak Park Residents Resist Proposed Gun Shop

Store owner says he'll only sell handguns to law enforcement personnel



    Oak Park Residents Resist Proposed Gun Shop
    Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

    Residents against gun ownership in Oak Park voiced concerns Wednesday over a proposed gun store opening a block from a public school and homes.

    Justin Delefuente, owner of the proposed storefront, attended a public meeting at the Irving School Auditorium to defend and answer questions concerning his new store, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Delefuente told more than 80 residents he wants to sell the guns through online and catalogs sales. Customers would be able to pick up purchases at his storefront. He claims only pre-ordered guns would be on site.

    Oak Park traditionally is seen as against gun ownership. In 2010, the United States Supreme Court opposed a handgun ban enforced in Oak Park and Chicago.

    The shop owner says he chose the Oak Park site because his family has owned the property for more than 30 years. Rifles and shotguns would be sold to the public, and only law enforcement personnel could purchase handguns, he said.

    Delefuente says all customers would need a Fire Arms Owner's ID card, a background check and have a waiting period to buy. He does not plan on building a gun range or selling bullets.

    Oak Park police reassured residents that as long as Delefuente follows the rules, there would not be much of a concern. Police also told the Chicago Sun-Times they plan to open a substation with the Berwyn Police across the street from the gun shop.