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Georgia Native Documents Painful Chiberia Experience



    Georgia Native Documents Frigid Chiberia Experience

    Chicagoans like to take things like -50 degree wind chill temperatures in stride and wear it like a badge of honor.

    Problem is, many people who live in the city didn't grow up here, and aren't necessarily well-aquainted with "the hawk" -- which feels especially worse if you're from the South.

    Case in point, Tyler Langford, a Georgia native who moved to Chicago to study theatre, but is seriously questioning that decision after experiencing this week's bone-chilling weather.

    Langford grabbed his iPhone and documented his journey to work on one of the worst days of the cold snap, and the results were painful, if not more than a little hilarious.

    "I hate Chicago, I hate Chicago, I hate Chicago," Langford rants as he walks down the street, breaking down in faux tears. "You just had to move here Tyler, you just had to move here and follow your dreams."

    Langford mercifully makes it on his train, but still has one more cold stretch outside before reaching work where he exhorts Satan to "switch back to fire."

    At least he can now brag that he's been there, done that, and can even buy the sweatshirt.