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Baby Foxes Make Northwestern University Home

Three baby foxes foxes were spotted snuggling up to the university's Evanston campus library



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    North by Northwestern
    Three baby foxes, or kits, rested and played outside Northwestern University's Evanston campus library.

    Three baby foxes made themselves a new home.

    The three kits recently snuggled up to Northwestern University’s Evanston campus library, making the cement walls their new shelter, according to North by Northwestern.

    They cozied up against the sides of the cool cement during the hot June month and have been spotted scampering around the lawn in front of the University Library.

    This isn't the first time wild animals have set up camp in a populated area. Deer have been found making Boystown and, most recently, Lakeview yards their residence.

    As spring ends and animal babies begin to venture out, Chicago Wildlife News said wildlife experts say it’s best to not touch or interact with the animals.

    “The best place for a wild animal to grow up is in the wild,” Sandy Fejt, education site manager of the Willowbrook Wildlife Center said in a statement.