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Fired Snarf's Workers Still Awaiting Promised Pay



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    The Snarf's Sub Shop at 600 W Chicago will reopen this year with another concept, according to company officials.

    A group of Snarf's Sub Shop workers who were fired three days before Christmas say they have yet to receive an additional week's pay promised by the company's CEO.

    Twenty employees at the River North location were fired via an email that blamed "increased competition and losses" and a plan to remodel and reconcept the business.

    Snarf's CEO Jim Siedel issued an apology on Christmas Day apologizing for the "insensitive and poorly planned" firings, and offering the employees an additional week's pay.

    But the workers say they still haven't been paid, and held a rally Wednesday in front of a Loop Snarf's store in conjunction with the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago.

    The workers are demanding their jobs back and the promised furlough payment.

    Employees also say the CEO's apology and promised wages were posted on the company's Facebook page and not sent to the workers until a couple of days later.

    After initially refusing to comment on the matter, Siedel issued the following statement through the company's director of marketing.

    "We have not taken our offer of one week severance off the table. The reality of the situation is the Fight for 15 movement filed action against us after we made what we thought was a fair and equitable offer and one that we were not obligated to make. We then increased our offer, again without obligation, and the movement has not accepted it nor has put any reasonable demands on the table. However, they have continued their unfounded actions against us. Until this is resolved, we simply cannot pay the severance and feel it is inappropriate to comment any further." - Jim Seidel, Snarf's CEO and Founder