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Facebook Rage Lands Teen in Jail

Police Take Death Threats Over Social Networking Site Very Seriously



    Facebook Rage Lands Teen in Jail
    A misguided kid was behind the Facebook posting that asked if President Obama should be killed.

    Just because its on Facebook doesn't mean its not real.

    Need proof? Eighteen year old Joshua Walker from Benton, Illinois was arrested and taken to jail after he posted some threatening and harassing remarks on his ex-girlfriend's Facebook page, according to the AP.

    "It's just another form of domestic violence" said Franklin County Sheriff Captain Don Jones.

    Benton, who is currently being held on a $3,000 bond at the Franklin County Jail , faces felony harrassment charges for the posts.

    Investigators say Walker began posting death threats on the social networking site shortly after the girl ended their relationship.  The girl’s family filed a complaint with police because Walker made death threats towards the girl and her family.    

    Cyber harassment is becoming a very common and serious offense. Educators and police alike are trying to inform young people on the potential effects it has in real world.

    "We as adults and educators have to continue to bring awareness on the subject of cyber bullying" said Tina Meier a mother whose teenage daughter committed suicide after being the victim of cyber bullying in a East St. Louis suburb.

    The most common forms of harassment are by voicemail or text, but e-crimes involving child pornography, harassment and violation of order of protections are on the rise as technology becomes more accessible. 

    This cyber-threat was not the first incident in the Frankly County, nor will be the last according to the Sheriff.   

    "These crimes are all same legally, and we take them very seriously." Jones said.