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Facebook Helps Police Identify Robber

Suspect still on the loose



    Facebook Helps Police Identify Robber
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    Facebook helps you connect, unless you make fun of Facebook, in which case you'll be disconnected.

    The Morris Police Department is happy so many people use Facebook.

    Someone robbed a Morris bank this week and after posting a few photos on the social media site, police were able to identify the robber.

    "Investigators not only sent [the pictures] to local media outlets, but also put it up on the department's Facebook page," Chief Brent Ditetold WBBM NewsRadio.

    The photo quickly reached hundreds of Facebook users.

    "We have 500 or so people who are considered fans of the police department site. If someone else has 400 fans on their Facebook, then we're connected to those 400 people. Those 400 might send it to their 400 friends, and it just keeps multiplying," Dite said, reports the Morris Daily Herald.

    The Morris Police Department had 1,181 Facebook fans as of Friday afternoon.

    With so many people sharing and viewing the photo, the suspect was soon identified as 22-year-old Corey A. Wolfe.

    The suspect was wearing a knit cap, sunglasses, a gray zip-up jacket, and a red glove, according to WBBM NewsRadio. While he suggested that he had a weapon, he never showed one.

    Wolfe's whereabouts, however, are still unknown. His four-door, dark green 2002 Mercury Marquis—the suspected getaway car—has been found, according to the Morris Daily Herald.

    Police warn people that Wolfe is still considered possibly armed and dangerous. Anyone with any information on his whereabouts should call police at 815-942-2131.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.