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Chicago School Part of EPA Study



    Chicago School Part of EPA Study
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    St. Josaphat School is located in Lincoln Park.

    A Catholic school in Lincoln Park will act as a focal point for an study on student air quality.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says pollution monitors are in place at St. Josaphat school as part of a national study.

    St. Josaphat school is one of 63 schools in 22 states where the EPA is testing outdoor air for chemicals that can cause cancer and respiratory and neurological problems.

    The EPA has said it will monitor air near St. Josaphat for hexavalent chromium and heavy metals because it is located near a cluster of factories and a busy intersection.

    The EPA is trying to determine if long-term exposure to toxins poses health concerns for school children and staffs. Children are more susceptible than adults to pollutants because they're still growing.

    Results will be posted on the agency's Web site.