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"Chair-Free Zones" Sweep Chicago Streets

Put the lawn chairs away until spring



    "Chair-Free Zones" Sweep Chicago Streets

    It’s the only time of year where seeing a lawn chair or an oversized stuffed animal out in the snow is not that strange.

    It's winter in Chicago, and that's how residents save their spots.

    Chair-Free Chicago is a push back against the city’s time honored tradition of using chairs and other sundry items to save parking spots on the streets during the winter. The movement encourages residents to stop this "selfishness" by posting signs that can be purchased or printed for free off their website to encourage more "neighborly" conduct.

    There are no actual penalties or fines enforced by law enforcement for those who choose to stick by the code. The only potential consequences are losing the sundry items to looters and losing the spot anyway.

    So will Chicagoans break with tradition this winter or will they start using tables?