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Boy Missing After Mom's Suicide



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    Timothy Pitzen and his mom, Amy.

    Aurora police are trying to locate a 6-year-old boy missing since his mother apparently committed suicide in a Rockford motel room on Saturday.

    Timothy J. Pitzen is 4 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 70 pounds. He has brown hair and eyes.

    Timothy and his mother, 43-year-old Amy J. Fry-Pitzen, lived in the 400 block of North Highland Avenue in Aurora.

    Timothy was last seen at a Wisconsin Dells resort with his mom. She checked him out of school Wednesday morning, and the boy's father reported the two of them missing Thursday afternoon.

    Police have tracked their movements over the days. They stayed at Key Lime Cove in Gurnee on Wednesday night, and the Kalahari Resort in the Dells on Thursday night. Fry-Pitzen was seen at Sullivan's Foods in the 700 block of Elida Street in Winnebago, Illinois, around 8 p.m. Friday.

    On Friday, Fry-Pitzen contacted several family members and friends, saying she and Timothy were fine and not in any danger. A relative who spoke with Timothy on the phone Friday said he didn't seem to be in any kind of distress.

    But Saturday afternoon, Fry-Pitzen's body was found in a motel room in Rockford, her wrists slit. She'd left a note saying Timothy was fine and in someone's care, though she didn't say who.

    Police say Fry-Pitzen had friends and relatives in Iowa. So now, detectives in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa are trying to track the boy down.

    Anyone with information about the case is urged to call 9-1-1, or Aurora police at 630-256-5500.

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