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Booze on the Beach

Rules will prohibit patrons from walking around with alcohol



    Booze on the Beach

    Chicago’s City Council approved a plan floated by Mayor Daley to more than double the number of lakefront liquor licenses.

    But aldermen cautioned against turning Chicago’s beaches into a booze fest, the Sun-Times reports.

    “This is a privilege — not an entitlement,” said Alderman Brendan Reilly.  “And if people abuse that privilege, we can always revoke it.”

    Under the plan Osterman Beach; Montrose Beach House; Diversey Driving Range; Diversey Grill; Ohio Street Beach; DuSable Harbor; Buckingham Fountain; 31st Street Boathouse in Burnham Park; 41st Street Beach House; 63rd Street Beach House in Jackson Park; 87th Street Harbor and Calumet Harbor and the South Shore Golf Course and Cultural Center would all have the ability to serve alcohol.

    But there are strict rules to go along with it.

    Food must be served along with the alcohol and beverages can only be consumed near the footprint of the licensed establishment.

    “Park patrons will not be allowed … to enter surrounding park property carrying beverages,” stressed Tim King, inter-governmental affairs director for the Park District.