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Why Do Blago's Friends Keep Dying?

Rod smiles while others take the fall



    Why Do Blago's Friends Keep Dying?
    Former governor Blagojevich on The View.

    This doesn't look good, Rod.

    While the former governor was jazz handing his way through a book tour, his long-time buddy was vomiting in a lumber yard.

    Former Blago aide, convicted tax fraudster, and gambling addict Chris Kelly died Saturday.

    Doctors say it was, basically, an aspirin overdose. Painkillers. How appropriate.

    While Kelly wretched in agony, Blago was smarming his way through a coffee klatch with Bonnie Hunt, using his infamy to make a buck.

    But Kelly couldn't do that. He was just the set-up man. Stuck at home, paying the price. Or maybe he wasn't willing to further mortgage his already tarnished name.

    You don't want to ascribe too much pride to a man who's gambling habit led to his federal conviction on tax evasion.

    But. It's an edifying contrast -- Blago the showboat who refuses to admit any wrongdoing, versus Kelly the fall guy, who just pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges and was about to start serving time.

    Blago could trade on his name -- and his wife's name! -- to pay the bills. That's why Patti did the reality show: they need the money.

    Not Kelly. He was screwed.

    It's no surprise really. Blago's been using Kelly ever since they met outside a fundraiser in the 90s. Blago put Kelly in charge of pushing a massive gambling expansion, even though he knew Kelly had a similarly massive gambling problem.

    That's like putting a pederast in the principal's office. Blago: the enabler.

    Meanwhile, this is the second death connected with the Blago investigation. Remember John Ruff, the health consultant who died in a mysterious car crash?

    Your friends and acquaintances keep dying, Rod. Oddly, they're also the people who could've potentially testified against you.

    But you. You just keep smiling.

    That just doesn't look good.