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Aide-ing and Abetting: Daley Sec'y Owns Drug House

People who live in Mayor's houses shouldn't get stoned



    Aide-ing and Abetting: Daley Sec'y Owns Drug House
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    Someone was moving drugs out of a house owned by a Daley aide.

    Obviously, trafficking drugs from your apartment is a stupid idea.

    It's even more idiotic when your landlord is BFFs with the mayor.

    On May 7, narcotics officers raided the house at 5319 W Adams St. and found more than a dozen bags of "suspected white heroin" and marijuana. No word on who was arrested, but the house just so happens to belong to Daley press secretary, Jacquelyn Heard.

    When Heard and her husband, Henry Bassett, learned of the suspected drug activity, they immediately took action, the Tribune reported.

    "As far as I'm aware, we did everything we were supposed to do,"  Heard said. "I don't want there to be any suggestion that we harbored drug dealers in a building that we own or that we looked the other way."

    The apartment in question had been rented to a female tenant since January. Heard and her husband ran a background check on the woman, who "seemed to be an upstanding individual," Heard told the Sun-Times.

    After the raid, however, Heard and Bassett began proceedings to evict the tenant who lived in the apartment with her two sons. The judge ordered the woman to move out of the building by August 31.

    While Heard and her husband could be prosecuted under the Drug and Gang House Enforcement Program, no charges have been filed against the couple. The case does remain under review though.

    They say you should "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" but renting them an apartment might be a tad too close.

    Matt Bartosik, a "between blogs" blogger, is not BFFs with the Mayor .. yet.