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During harsh winters we often try to limit our movements and snuggle indoors, but that's exactly what you shouldn't do when you start feeling ill. The right move: seeing a doctor before that tiny bug, stuffed up nose, or queasy stomach turns into a full-blown sickness.

That's why you should avail yourself of Mercy Hospital's Immediate Care facilities, where walk-ins are always welcome.

Conveniently located, and providing free parking and comprehensive care, Mercy Hospital Immediate Care facilities offer everything you need for your health and the health of your family.

Here's the short list of what they care for:

  • fever
  • ear infection
  • flu or cold
  • allerigies
  • sinus infection
  • sprains or fractures
  • upset stomach
  • minor cuts, burns, or abrasions
  • pink eye
  • bladder or urinary tract infections

Once you've been seen by a physician, the facility makes your treatment information available to your primary care doctor so you can receive follow-up care as needed.

Mercy Hospital Immediate Care facilities will get you in, treated, and out as quickly as possible.

Want to be prepared this season, and get the fastest treatment possible? Download their registration form, fill it out, and bring it with you next time you get sick. And yes, they accept most forms of insurance, but call ahead to verify.

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