How to Sell More (Really)

It’s my favorite time of year: the start of football season! I’m always amazed when listening to sports commentators discuss football. They seem to have a statistic for anything imaginable.  

We can learn something valuable from these football pundits and their never-ending use of stats. It’s a secret the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry tapped into over two decades ago. It’s a secret that will help you reach more of your target audience, navigate the number one reason people don’t click purchase, and land more clients happy to pay you for your products.

What’s the secret? That statistics sell. 

The No. 1 reason people don’t buy from you or me is because they don’t trust that we can deliver the results we promise. How you handle this issue will directly impact how much you sell and the number of clients you’re able to reach.

The use of statistics will help circumvent these trust issues by increasing the potential buyers confidence in you and your business. Statistics also help your business stand out from the competition by showcasing the buyers return on investment.

While your small business probably doesn’t have millions to invest into research to develop your own statistics, you can still use this powerful strategy to help with your sales process.

For example, you can Google statistics about your specific industry that will help you sell. Recently a video producer hired me to help her sell video services to other business owners. While we had no specific numbers to support how her videos would help her customers, we were able to research stats about sales conversion rates for websites with videos on them compared to websites without. What we found was that the websites with videos convert visitors into paying customers about 50 times more than those without. Impressive stat, huh?

I’m not here to sell you on the importance of using video on your website, but I want you to learn how to use statistics to sell your products and services.

When two totally opposite multi-billion dollar industries implement a common sales strategy, take notice. The prevailing theme -- here, the use of statistics -- is worth more than a glance. Pay attention to how the strategy is utilized by both and figure out how to implement it in your business.

Kendrick Shope is a sales expert and coach. She created a sales strategy called Authentic Selling that focuses on engaging conversation, dynamic ideas, and compelling results. You can learn more about her dynamic process at

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