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Finally! A Bernard Madoff victim search engine



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    Can't get close enough to ask Bernie yourself? With MadoffSearch, you don't have to!

    Itching to know if your friend, relative or neighbor lost any money investing with Bernie Madoff, but too embarrassed or shy to ask? Now you don't have to.

    Some enterprising folks have developed MadoffSearch, which hails itself as "The first and only Bernard Madoff Search Engine, with information on all investors at individual and institutional levels." Now you can do a quick search of all the poor fools who fell victim to what is purported to be the biggest Ponzi scheme ever.

    Rather than have to pore over the a massive PDF file that runs 163 pages, each with dozens of lines of teeny tiny text that almost requires a magnifying glass, you can go to MadoffSearch and type in a name or word and instantaneously get a list of every account with that search term associated with it.

    Type in "Denver" and you get not just the John Denver Enterprises Inc. Pension Fund, but the names of all investors based in the city of Denver. Sadly, MadoffSearch doesn't tell you how much money each investor lost.

    Now you can be nosey without being rude.