Blake Family Hosts Counter-Rally as Trump Visits Kenosha

Justin Blake says the family will remain in the city until there is an indictment

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On the same street where he was shot by police nine days earlier, the family of Jacob Blake held a block party, Tuesday, to counter the president's visit to Kenosha.

During the event, Blake's family members encouraged supporters to stand in solidarity with them in their fight for justice.

"Peace and love to him because he has his agenda and we have ours," said Justin Blake, Jacob's uncle.

"Whatever his motivation is, we’re not engaging with that. We’re asking everybody here to focus on getting justice for little Jake."

Justin Blake says his nephew's condition is improving, but he is still paralyzed from the waist down. Meanwhile, he says, Jacob's children are receiving therapy after witnessing the August 23rd shooting of their father from the backseat of his car.

State leaders and other prominent figures joined in the day of action, including Reverend Jesse Jackson and Wisconsin Representative Gwen Moore.

"If the president of the United States loves chaos, we are not going to create the backdrop for the violent chaos he wants to see," said Rep. Moore.

Trump did not meet with the Blake family during his visit. Justin Blake says they did not speak with him at all.

"Whatever they are talking about is a ruse. That’s why we’re doing what we are doing today, so they can’t take over the narrative," said Blake.

Blake encouraged continued peace in Kenosha but also issued a call to action.

"We’re asking people not to be violent, not to destroy our community, but in the same breath we’re asking them to stand with the Blake family," he said.

At Tuesday's community event, there were free haircuts, coronavirus tests, food and music. People were also encouraged to register to vote.

"We’re here today not only healing our family, the Blake family, but this is our family. Kenosha is our family now. We want to help them heal as well," said Justin Blake.

When asked if the Blake family would meet with presidential candidate Joe Biden, Justin Blake said his nephew has already spoken with him and his running mate Kamala Harris by phone.

Blake says the family will remain in the Kenosha area until there is an indictment of the officer involved.

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