Would you people get out of the road!!!

At this time 24 hours ago, these people were on Michigan Avenue. Now, there's a line of frustrated CTA bus drivers waiting to pick up tourists and answer questions like "Will this drop me off at Navy Pier?" (As always, they'll answer with the utmost courtesy and professionalism that I've come to love and expect from our fine transit drivers.)

With that, the stage, the baracades, Oprah...they're all gone. The road is open, the CTA goes back to normal, and you can drive through the Magnificent Mile and wonder. If you missed it, well don't worry. The show airs tomorrow but get the real scoop with Oprahpalooza right here!

**If you flipped on the show while Andy Avalos was doing the weather you may have asked yourself something like this: "What is on his hand? What did he do?" Turns out he sliced his middle finger open after trying to make room in the recycle bin. Something sharp and plastic caught his finger and eight stitches later, he's back on the air. Although, it made me nervous that every time he would hold up his battle wound. He'd hold up the one finger and keep the other four tucked in a fist. What happens when you do that? Go ahead, try it. I'll wait...

Yeah birdies fly and you tell me I'm number #1 in my own special little way. I was waiting for when the suits would shut down the broadcast after Andy flipped off all of Chicago. (At least he didn't say it or print it on screen, Chicago's Very Own took care of that for us)

**Metra. Hi there! Good to see you! Welcome to the 90's. Glad to have you in the information age. As of today, you can buy tickets online and you can use a (wait for it) credit card? Is this right? It is!

Check out their snazzy new website right here. My only complaint is that they won't update service problems and delays any differently. We'll still struggle to get information on why your train is taking so damn long in the morning. But all else fails blame the freight traffic, more often than not, that's the reason why Metra is behind schedule.

**G-Rod was on The View this morning and Patti was alongside the Ex-Governor sitting quietly as he promoted his book.  To which Kim asked in the Traffic Lounge, why? "so that John Salley can come and rescue her?" (pure speculation ladies and gentlemen)

**What's going on with the dangerous streets of Skokie lately? After a bunch of arrests during another chapter of the epic football rivalry between Niles North and Niles West, now we have this. Not exactly a town I thought was dangerous, but who knew!

**Short week this week means Thursday Traffic Trivia is tomorrow. I'm always looking for questions or topics, so hit me up with your ideas. Also, Friday we unveil our Prep Destination of the Week and Dance Friday will have a Rock Band theme to it.

Should I play guitar or the drums? Your call folks!

**Finally, today on Maury: "If I don't obey...my husband will hurt me!" -- He's tackling the serious stuff today. (My advice: Ladies, drop that man, take the kids and get the hell out!)

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