Who Speaks for Charlie? No One

Have you ever had a friend start dating someone, and then two weeks later announce that they're getting married? Fast forward two years, and your friend has realized that the man she married is an arrogant, out-of-touch jerk. This is what Notre Dame football's relationship with Charlie Weis has started to look like.

Just halfway through the first season of Weis' contract, Notre Dame gave him a ludicrous extension, lasting until 2015. "We're going to love each other forever," they said. "When he's the one, you just know." Right. After Weis and the Irish made it through the honeymoon period, and he stopped bringing home flowers and BCS bowl berths, the Notre Dame faithful began to grow a little testy with their man. Some even spoke to the Chicago Tribune, though only under the condition of anonymity:

Many former players and alums are down on him for what they perceive as his arrogance, but they're reluctant to speak for the record. Alumni are fearful that if they speak out against Weis, they might lose their football tickets or their parking spots, or hinder their kids' chances for admission to the school.

So it's turned into this. The people who could influence a break-up between Weis and ND, the "friends" of the University, are afraid to speak up because they don't want to lose their perks.  And isn't there anyone who will speak for Charlie?

The answer to that question is seemingly no. One alumnus said that Weis' contract is not standing in the way of his firing. Former ND coach and ESPN analyst Lou Holtz doesn't understand why the Irish aren't in perennial contention for the national championship. Rakes of Mallow, a blog that follows all things Irish, has pointed out that in Weis' first press conference at ND, he promised that a 6-5 football team is not good enough for him.

Hopefully, after Saturday and Notre Dame's likely loss to USC, the drama and speculation will end, and Weis and the Irish will break up for good.

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