Who Has Chicago's Best Palate?

Top sommeliers to compete in blind taste competition

When you're dining out at a nice restaurant, one of the most important people in the building is the sommelier. This expert helps you navigate the often confusing world of wine, and helps you to select one that will not only complement, but also enhance your dining experience.

In Chicago's rich and varied culinary scene, to be at the top, a sommelier needs to be incredibly skilled in deciphering the complex language of the vine.

On April 26, join theWindy City Wine Guy, and The Local Tourist at Crimson Lounge (333 N Dearborn) to find out who has Chicago's Best Palate. Some of the city's top sommeliers will duke it out in a blind taste testing. They'll try three wines, and will attempt to narrow down the region, the varietal, the year, and just maybe, the winery -- if they've got it like that.

Amateur oeniphiles can also test their own palates. Each member of the audience will get to taste the same wines and answer the same questions as the professionals. One winner will receive a framed certificate and a special bottle of wine.

Can't tell a Reisling from a Chardonnay? That's OK -- just select the winning sommelier for a chance to win a certificate from Eno.

After the tasting, you can mingle with the experts while enjoying complimentary cheese and crudites and $6 glasses of wine.

Tickets are $30.99 and can be purchased here. Theresa Carter runs the entertainment guide TheLocalTourist.com and a member of the NBC Chicago Street Team Blog.

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