What's Up, My Peeps?

Chicago Tribune holds annual diorama contest

If you weren't one of those kids devouring the brightly colored, sugary marshmallow bunnies and chicks at Easter time, perhaps you were the one blowing them up in a microwave just to see how big and bulbous they'd get.  (And if the latter is the case, you might not want to ever admit that in public, just fyi.) Regardless, sugary Peeps Easter candy provide nothing but good times, and the Chicago Tribune is organizing the chance for you to get creative with the sticky lil' critters. 

Remember building dioramas out of shoeboxes in grade school? That's pretty much what you'll need to do for this contest.  Just come up with a creative idea involving Peeps, build it, photograph it, and submit your entry by logging in to the Tribune site.

The deadline is Thursday, April 9. The winners will be announced on Friday, April 10.

Here is a peep some of last year's entries to give you some ideas of what is possible.

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