What's in the Box?

New nightclub to feature mysterious entertainment box

We're starting to see some interesting nightlife concepts pop up all over the city. The old entertainment adage of trying to get butts in the seats has never been more apparent than in this horrible economy.

We've seen parties recently with live ponies. And now, the next big thing involves -- are you ready? A box.

It's all gonna go down at a new spot called Veil, which will be located inside the former West Loop space where Reserve was located. The owners are dubbing the new spot a "theatrical ultra lounge."

At its center is a soon-to-be-unveiled performance box. Huh, you say? Veil's general manager, Craig Smith, explains.

"The box is the visual centerpiece of our venue. It's designed to entertain guests with something new, fresh, and unpredictable week in and week out. I could try to describe it, but honestly it's something that needs to be experienced," Smith says. "If you could take an exclusive, avant-garde performance venue in NYC, combine it with a shadowbox in Vegas, and give it some European edge, you'd have the makings of our box."

Despite its various influences though, Smith insists the concept will be unique, and Chicago will be its birthplace.

One of Veil's partners, Billy Heilmann, is known for throwing exclusive private parties featuring Siberian tigers and over-the-top vaudeville acts.

So when do Chicago partygoers get to peek inside the box? The opening is scheduled for mid-April.

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