Wardrobe Rescue

Professional men get professional help with their closets

Admit it.  You've got 'What Not to Wear' in your DVR queue, and you routinely grab your girlfriend's copy of US Weekly so you can check out what Brad Pitt/George Clooney/(insert well-dressed male celeb here) is wearing these days. In theory, you should have a killer wardrobe.  But in practice, your closet looks like you picked up most of it at your neighbor's yard sale. Ouch!  Montopoli Custom Clothiers to the rescue!

Named by the international magazine Robb Report as a ''Top Personal Clothier,'' Montopoli's clothing expert Jeff Landis, who has more than 25 years of experience under his stylish belt, helps customers in their own homes, evaluating their wardrobes to help them select new fabrics and styles for custom-made clothing to complement their individual physiques and styles.  He will even take away any old, out-of-style garments to donate to The Cara Program of Chicago, which assists individuals in need who want to transform their lives with job training and self-esteem courses.  Landis can also help you with tips on how to care for your garments, so you don't have to replace them quite as often.  For more information, check out www.montopolichicago.com.

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